Mentoring Program

The Lawyers’ Insurance Programme and The Law Society have determined there are benefits to the profession that can result from a Mentoring Program for members. The Program proposed here will be voluntary, a service by experienced practicing insured members who agree to provide less experienced members with assistance on a specific file.

Informal mentoring has occurred within the profession for decades. The more formal Mentoring Program proposed will put some structure to current networking and, in doing so, assist those who might be hesitant about asking for help, or who simply don’t know where to turn for guidance.

There are many benefits for the Mentee and Mentor in a more formal Mentoring Program. The Mentee is less likely to make incorrect choices of procedure or substantive errors in law when provided the benefit of a Mentor’s greater experience, even when the Mentor provides only the opportunity for brainstorming. And for Mentors there is the added benefit that they may themselves undergo self-reflection and self-evaluation of their own risk practice and risk management techniques. And both Mentee and Mentor will benefit from expanding their personal network and improving camaraderie among members while enhancing career satisfaction.

Our goals for the Mentoring Program include:

-Fostering the development of practical skills;
-Improving legal ability and professional judgment;
-Increasing knowledge of legal customs;
-Encouraging the use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law; and
-Promoting collegial relationships among legal professionals.