Desktop Access:

CanLII provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Irwin E-Library offers online access to the entire Irwin digital library, which contains over 150 titles. New titles will be added regularly as they are published. Contact the library for free login information.

Available in the Law Library:

WestlawNext Canada database contains the Canadian Abridgment; Canadian Encyclopedic Digest; Canadian caselaw ; federal and provincial statutes and regulations; Canadian law reviews and journals; Canadian cases and statutes judicially considered.

Criminal Source contains caselaw, legislation, articles and some texts including McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence and Ewaschuk, Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada.

Employment Source includes legislation, caselaw, articles and texts on employment law including Health & Safety, Employee Obligations, Wrongful Dismissal and Illness & Disability.

Family Source contains caselaw, legislation, articles and texts on family law including Domestic Contracts, Child Support Guidelines and Matrimonial Property Law.

Insolvency Source includes caselaw, legislation, articles and commentary on insolvency including Houlden and Morowitz on Bankruptcy & Insolvency.

Labour Source is a research tool for labour lawyers which integrates caselaw, legislation and some texts and journals in one source. Examples include Brown & Beatty, Canadian Labour Arbitration and Adams, Canadian Labour Law.

Securities Source contains provincial Securities Acts and Regulations, Ontario Securities Commission Bulletin, Securities Law and Practice by Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and securities precedents.

DIVORCEmate performs child support calculations under the Child Support Guidelines and performs spousal support calculations using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines formulas.

HeinOnline provides online full-text access to over 1530 Canadian and international law reviews and legal journals and the English Reports Full Reprint.

Available with librarians’ assistance:

Quicklaw ® contains decisions from Canadian courts, boards and tribunals as well as statutes, legal commentary and forms and precedents. Quicklaw also contains Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and Carlson Personal Injury Digest.

LexisNexis International® database contains over 31,000 sources of legal, news, business and public records information including legal materials from Canada, US and other international jurisdictions; US federal and state caselaw; US Codes, statutes and bills; legal journals; and Shepard’s case citator.

O’Brien’s Forms is a collection of legal forms and precedents covering a broad range of legal topics. The following Divisions are available: Commercial and General; Corporations; Leases; Wills and Trusts; Conveyancing & Mortgages; Labour Relations & Employment; Ontario Court Forms; Municipal Corporations and Computer & Information Technology.