For the Public

The Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is authorized by the Law Society Act, 1999, SNL 1999, c. L-9.1 to regulate the practice of law and the legal profession in the public interest. In serving the interests of the public the Law Society conducts regular audits of lawyers to determine compliance with the Law Society’s Rules and the Code of Professional Conduct.

The Law Society also maintains a comprehensive directory of practicing lawyer contact information in case you are in need of legal assistance. The Law Society is unable to provide legal advice or interpret the law on your behalf therefore it is necessary for you to make use of our lawyer directory to contact a lawyer yourself.

The Law Society’s Law Library is an important component in the administration and continuing education of the legal profession. Its comprehensive collection of both primary and secondary print and electronic media resources is available for use by both lawyers and members of the public.

In the event that your lawyer is unable to continue working on a particular case due to physical illness, death, retirement, or other justifiable reason, the Law Society will apply to the court for a custodian to manage the lawyer’s practice. Information about how this process works can be found in our section regarding custodianship.

While the Law Society does not prescribe the fees which lawyers may charge, information to assist members of the public may be found in the lawyers’ fees section.