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<td “>2.22A<td “>5.06A<tr “>5.06B
Declaration Persuant to the Law Society Rule 5.06(6)<tr “> <td “>4.01A
Nomination Paper<tr “>6.03A
Application for admission as a student affidavit<tr “> <td “>6.03B
Application for enrollment as a student<tr “> <td “>6.03C
Sponsors questionnaire<tr “> <td “>6.05A
Articles of clerkship<tr “> <td “>6.05B
Assignment of articles<tr “> <td “>6.06A(1)
Education plan<tr “> <td “>6.06A(8)
Education plan progress report<tr “> <td “>6.06A(9)
Certification of completion of education plan<tr “> <td “>6.06A(10)(a)
Articles evaluation (Student)<tr “> <td “>6.06A(10)(b)
Articles evaluation(Principal)<tr “> <td “>6.16A
Application for certificate of fitness and affidavit<tr “> <td “>6.16B
Application for call and affidavit<tr “> <td “>6.16C
Solicitor’s certificate<tr “> <td “>6.16D
Notice of application for certificate of fitness<tr “> <td “>6.17A
Certificate of fitness<tr “> <td “>6.17B
Certificate<tr “> <td “>7.03A
Student Appearance Consent Form<tr “> <td “>7.06(3)A
Application for affidavit of transferee<tr “> <td “>7.06(3)B
Application for call of affidavit<tr “> <td “>7.06(3)(C)
Notice of application for certificate of fitness<tr “> <td “>7.11(A)
Application for Admission by Lawyer from Other Provinces or Territories of Canada<tr “> <td “>7.11(B)
Applicant’s questionnaire<tr “> <td “>9.19A
Appeal to the Benchers of the Law Society of Newfoundland<tr “> <td “>10.04A
Transaction Levy Summary Form<tr “> <td “>11.03A
Application for Licence as a Professional Law Corporation<tr “> <td “>11.03B
Certified Statement of Disclosure<tr “> <td “>11.07
PLC Application for Cancellation of Licence<tr “> <td “>13.04A
Application for Compensation<tr “> <td “>
Direction and Release

2.19A Application for Non-Practising or to Resign Membership
2.20A Notice of Change in Association of Practice
2.21A Application for Commencement or Resumption of Practising Status
Application For Exemption From Group Professional Liability Insurance
Annual Trust Account Form
5.06C Accountants Report-New Trust Account