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Call to the Bar[d] – Dinner and Performance in Honour of Perchance Theatre


On Saturday, April 25th at the fine hour of 6:00pm, doors shall open at the most lauded Bella Vista on Torbay Road. Our Royal Majesty, the Queen of Torts, Ms. Sheilagh Guy-Murphy shall preside over an evening of delicious Elizabethan food and entertainment in honour of Perchance Theatre at Cupids. The Lord of Revels, Mr. Jonathan Richler, shall present our esteemed Bardisters, brave souls who have answered the call to the Bard, and who will entertain us with their versions of famous Shakespearean monologues.

Those who have answered the call include;  Mr. Ches CrosbieMr. Chris PikeMr. Ernest Gittens, Mr. Bob Buckingham, Mr. John Drover, Ms. Glenda BestMs. Rhona Buchan, Ms. Erin Best, Ms. Melissa Royle, Ms. Glenda Best and more!

‘Twill be a fun, smart, entertaining and gleefully argumentative fundraiser unlike others you may have attended before – all in support of the province’s only professional, classical theatre company. For more information on Perchance, have a look ye olde website.

Tickets are $150.00 each plus tax and are available by calling 709-746-9390 or emailing

Charitable tax receipts will be available.

Call to the Bard